Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Browser wars reloaded

How many different web browsers are you using now?

For me, I use an older version of Internet Explorer at work, not because I like Micro$oft or the older IE. It's because there are certain applications at work that are tailored to that older IE version. So people like me are kind of stuck with that.

I also use Firefox. It's pretty good, and extremely good compared to the older versions of IE.

However, the recent release of Firefox 3.0 brings many problems. It seems their development team have replaced the old memory leak bug with a bunch of new compatibility issues. As a result, there are several web pages at work that worked with Firefox 2.x but does not work with Firefox 3.0.

So I am shopping for a better web browser. Here are some candidates:
  • Opera: deemed the fastest web browser. It seems really fast in my experience, and it can access many web pages that Firefox 3.0 cannot. Until the next release of Firefox, I think Opera is superior.
  • SeaMonkey: an open source development continuation of Netscape, with many shared features of Firefox.
  • Safari: for Apple, runs on the Mac. But what about people who don't use Mac? Don't tell me we have to convert the entire world to Mac/Apple. It will be replacing Micro$oft with $pple, and even more expensive.
  • Flock: a social networking web browser.
What else?

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Unknown said...

I see your quandary sort of speak,
I have IE 7 (dont use-Memory and Instability issues),Firefox 3(testing due to memory issues),Flock(memory issues due to several add ons and inherent social and bookmarking features )Safari(Testing Developer Preview 4-memory issues)and finally Opera 9.51(my default browser as of now due to the great inherents features such as low memory footprint, fast page loading even with many tabs open) etc . My money is on Opera