Monday, March 21, 2005

Trip to Europe

Went to Europe around the end of February and early March 2005. The main purpose is to attend DATE (Design Automation and Test in Europe), located in Munich Germany this year, where I served in the Technical Program Committee and also presented a paper to this conference.

Also went to nearby countries: Holland, Belgium, and France. The weather was very cold (kind of unusual this time of the year). Everywhere is covered in snow. See the following pictures.

Paris, France

Statue of Louie XIV and the Versaile Palace

The Arch of Triumph

The glass pyramid in front of Louvre

The Church of Notre Dame

Eifel Tower

Koln, Germany

The church of Koln, Germany is a gigantic building. The archbishop at Koln used to rule a vast region duing the Middle Ages.

Hiedelberg, Germany

The castle: Schloss Heidelberg

The bridge head of Hiedelberg, Germany.

Koblenz, Germany

Statue of Kaiser Wilhelm Denkmal, located at Deutches Eck.

Deutches Eck: There is a castle on the hill across the river.